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We are really proud of what we have achieved and accomplished and, more importantly, the value that we have added to our members both on a business and a personal level... but don't just take our word for it, see what some of our members have to say about the group.

Holly Masters, Albert Goodman

As chartered accountants, we aim to have contact with a variety of first rate businesses so that we can introduce these business at the appropriate time and to bring benefit to our clients and in turn help maximise the potential of their business. Within YBG we are amongst like-minded high quality businesses and with whom we have the confidence to introduce to our clients. Similarly, the other member businesses within YBG have given us the opportunity to grow our own taxation and compliance services. The group is proud to be part of the Yeovil business community and members take seriously YBG's role in influencing and developing local business prosperity. YBG offers a fresh approach in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, whether you are just entering the business environment or already have years of experience.

Lee Chapman, Lee Chapman Bookkeeping Services

Running your own business can be a lonely place and business growth is always a challenge. I was invited along to YBG by an old colleague who thought I would benefit and boy was he right. YBG are a friendly and approachable bunch all looking to help each other the best they can. The meetings are organised and have purpose without being overpowering which make them a pleasure to attend. I have already gained business from YBG in a few months attendance that has paid dividends but just as importantly gained some great new friendships. All this from a not for profit organisation looking to give something back to the community at the same time as helping its members. YBG takes the work out of Networking.

Angela Scott, Smarter Lower Bills

YBG is an independent business networking group set up by business owners for business owners. It is different to other such groups in its relaxed approach to attendance and the fact that it is an early evening event held fortnightly making commitment so much easier for busy members running their own business. I have made friends with many from this group whilst also making valuable business contacts. I have found that it provides a supportive and helpful forum for advice and ideas as well as  source of leads and referrals. The light refreshments add to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere,  I very much look forward to the meetings and I like the interest it has generated in getting involved with schools and colleges in a mentoring role for students, giving something back to the community.

Josie Sturgess-Mills, Sturgess-Mills Photography

As a small business, 'Sturgess-Mills Photography', I had already been networking and had investigated several other networking groups. Then I found the Yeovil businessgroup and it was a breath of fresh air.   The YBG is a friendly, lively and diverse growing business group who meet every two weeks. It's a non-profit organisation; the small monthly fee for membership goes towards the drinks and food at the meetings, with a little over that goes to an elected charity. The group has a structured format but a laid back style, so is not as regimented or expensive as I have found other networking groups to be.  Since joining the group I have not only been able to extend my business contacts and had referred work via other members , but most importantly I have been able to use the experience and collective business expertise of the group to help me with my own personal business growth. The group also offers business insights and brainstorming sessions to help each other with any issues or problems they may be experiencing. As well as this, we have one to ones with other members which has proved invaluable to me.   As a self employed photographer it can be a lonely place in terms of a network hub, so the Yeovil Business Group #YBG has been my source of support, businesscontacts, amusing anecdotes and much inspiration.  

Carole Collins, Denman Collins Consultancy Ltd

Out of all the networking that I've done since being in business I've found Yeovil Business Group to be the best.  For me, it's the right mixture of a structured environment (who wants a free-for-all), with a relaxed atmosphere.  Everyone in the group takes the time to chat to the visitors in the room, but without that 'who's new that can I pitch to now' hunger that you sometimes come across.  Joining the group a few months ago I only knew one existing member, but I immediately felt very included and it didn't take long at all to build relationships, and indeed friendships with other members.  Members are encouraged to put themselves forward for roles on the team, and the roles change on a regular basis so there is always an injection of new ideas.  Because the group is not for profit and independent you don't feel that you're being asked to attend to line someone's pocket, it really does feel like you're part of a team of people working together.  I've loved getting involved in a couple of the Working Parties that have been set up.  YBG uses these to push forward ideas on a certain project without taking up the whole of the meetings, and it's great that members can be as involved as much as they like, or not at all in these activities.  There's no pressure to contribute if you don't want to. It's also a great community for sharing business ideas and sometimes generally asking the others for advice.  We occasionally have a Q&A session instead of a Business Insight slot, and that gives us a great platform for sharing new ideas and asking others to be a sounding board for things.  We've all got different strengths and weaknesses and no one holds back from offering advice and coaching. As a final point, I also personally liked the fact that you're not tied to a long membership.  It really wasn't any hardship at all to try the group and see that it was right for me.

Jamie Forster,

Networking isn't, in my opinion, just about the business - there's a huge tangible benefit from the support and friendships that are made.  YBG is able to deliver on all fronts in spades and I count myself lucky to be surrounded by some amazing businesses who are now friends!

Pauline Allen, Somerset Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

I joined YBG five months ago, and I can't believe its been that long! I've always been terrified of walking into places on my own, but as soon as I walked into that meeting room at Yeovil Court, I had a really warm welcome and its been like that ever since!  Working on my own can be quite isolating, so its great to be around like minded people.  YBG is also helping me build up a network of business people I can recommend to my clients and friends, which I would do without hesitation.

Chris Legg, Lighthouse IFA

I think YBG should be the first tool in anyone's business kit, not only has it given me new clients, it has provided me with the support, ideas, friendships and expertise when I most needed it. Which has been invaluable to me.

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