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YBG's got it wrapped up.

Date Posted: 17 Feb 2017

The latest YBG meeting saw another good turnout with guests Alison & Carrie from along for the evening.

  • Mend it Mike was away with Man Flu and sounded like he needed to be mended himself.
  • Justelle Jo has set up a home from home office in town complete with a sofa (beer fridge to follow).
  • Super Sub Shaun from Utility Warehouse gave us a light-bulb update with over 1.4 million bulbs helping customers see the light but not enough to illuminate his watch for time keeping.
  • Brown Ink Rachel is helping start ups get a constant image across their brand.
  • Motley Jamie continues to break his own personal best business records with a fantastic start to the year.
  • Ice Maiden Julie bakes cakes to make ladies cry and soldiers blush.

And again around the table more great business being done.

The tag team from Bottle Card showed us their clever way to prevent the need to buy a bottle bag and a card by using their nifty design to roll them both up into one with the help of double sided sticky tape. In true Blue Peter style they came armed with many they had made earlier in numerous eye catching designs to suit every event & eventuality. They can be Personalized or made from their 'moon pig' style web site  and they will soon have this part of the market wrapped up.  Sadly the wine they bought with them was only for demonstration therefore we had to remain sober throughout the coming insight.

And what of the insight....

This weeks speaker was the brave Remous Graeme who took the adage people buy people to the max by giving the room a potted history of himself. People only do business with people they like and Graeme certainly has the personality factor.  In an engaging and highly personal presentation he demonstrated what makes him tick from his love of all things family to his life long dedication to the print industry.  A career of almost 30 years in the trade underpinned by loyalty having only ever worked for 3 companies in this time.  If its printed he can do it, if its the finishing of a job he will do it. He is driven by a passion for his work and his life is family, sports, 80's Music, Pies & Chips, Musicals and we can even forgive him Roy Chubby Brown.

Quote of the evening...

'If it was cheaper I would do it more often'

See you all in a fortnight.

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