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YBG - Its what good looks like.

Date Posted: 03 Mar 2017

At the meeting tonight our Chairman Paul settled on St Margaret's Hospice as our dedicated charity of the year. Any funds raised from our shaking tin to social events will go to this worthy local cause.

We were joined by visitor Lee from Refresh Movement Chiropractic. Lee is newly established in the area with his practice operating from Trent (near to the pub if you’re interested). Lee offers Chiropractic relief to all areas of the body not just the back as is the traditional belief. So pain in the neck he may be your man especially if you stumble and hurt yourself on the way out of the Rose & Crown.

Tonight's learnings from the friendliest networking group in town were:

  • Ewemove Paul set out his stall to help landlords facing the imminent changes inflicted by the Chancellor.
  • Mend it Mike was fixed and back doing no job too small for the first time today since his Manflu attack.
  • Ice Maiden Julie is sharing the love of cake and won’t be feeling the weight of teaching with her latest coming class on Gravity cakes. (28th March)
  • Motley Jamie was helping his clients by reducing the amount of jargon he uses but lost me at PPC (pay per click apparently)
  • Detective Tim is busy delivering corpses to kids schools and birthday parties and they love it.
  • Utility Warehouse sub Shaun has installed just shy of 1.5 million light-bulbs saving his customers money. Come on Shaun last push to 2 million.
  • Remus Graeme had an impressive package to show us. He’s been busy with design to delivery  service making over 1/2 million packets (No they didn't hold low energy light bulbs)
  • Lees Bookkeeping started the making tax digital debate and enlisted the help of fellow sole traders to be HMRC guinea pigs next year.
  • True Potential Dave came in after his Italian class to talk about mortgages (mutuo in Italian Dave)

Tonight's insite was from Lees bookkeeping all about what good looks like.

Lee will be the first to say he isn’t what good looks like with his pot belly & bald head but he knows what a good client looks like. A full report will be on the YBG web site shortly but in essence his scientific deductions came to a universal truth that we all look for but for him was

'A business I can help keep in financial order by working with the owner who values me for who I am and what I do for them.'

Most powerfully a simple Thank You is often enough to express that value.

So Thank You Graeme you know why!

And that’s what a good YBG looks like.

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