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WARNING: Contains Graphic Content

Date Posted: 28 Apr 2017

Its Thursday so another friendly gathering of Yeovil Business Group with that much banter and business flying around it can't just be the chips that keep us all coming back with 2 visitors back for more and looking to join. Rachel Brown Graphic Designer from Brown Ink was tonight's main event but before that what did we learn from each other in the 1 or 2 minutes round the table updates.

  • The A team of Karina Barton from Utility Warehouse continues to help reduced her customers utility bills with Mend it Mike the latest convert to her money saving skills.
  • Matt Weallans returned to tell us of his electrical business.  He prides himself on his service standards as recommendations from existing customers are a core part of his business and they don't happen if service don't happen.
  • Adam Porter from the snappily titled AP Kitchen Solutions (I see what he did there) was also back for more. He does everything with kitchens except the cooking bit.
  • Graeme from Remus was looking for help finding additional staff. Due to the continued success of Remus its time to take on staff and they are prepared to tech the skill if you have the will.
  • Feanyx Andrew has been taking on the might of Windows 10 updates and putting right its many wrongs for his clients.
  • Ice Maiden Julie has been busy baking and teaching. She longs for some odd shaped cakes to bring some variety but still wont let me lick the bowl at her cake decorating classes.
  • Mike has been mending it again. Dormer windows and shelving this week. You can admire his work on twitter or Over Compton.
  • Motley Jamie makes great web sites. However tonight all he wanted was someone to fix his cars air con. Maybe we could find him a garage that needs a web site and kill two birds.
  • Rachel Brown Ink was not feeling menopausal but she was glowing about her current project designing exhibition stands for a client.
  • Bookkeeping Lee was full of numbers and has a cupboard full of deliveries from clients quick off the mark for the new tax year.
  • Ewe Move Paul recently returned from a regional Ewe Move forum was sharing his value for money full management letting service with us and his colleagues.
  • Justelle Jo was marketing her marketing. Workshops for small business, night classes at Yeovil college for start ups and keeping it local with Love Yeovil & Yeovil Live.

After some boring admin led by Lee & Jo, Rachel experimented with a new interactive stand up pairing system for the one to ones. It was a mix of musical chairs and the embarrassment of being picked last for the school sports team (back to names from the hat next time!)

In terms of the main event Rachel got even more interactive. Rachel is a Graphic Designer. She had come (almost) prepared with some examples of her work broken down into various laminated elements of the 3 concepts that she put together. We then got to play in groups with these various designs to see what we could come up with and to see if anyone got the final design that the client went with. Her design brief had been 'do what ever you like' so we had a go. 

Putting the pieces together like a puzzle without a picture we all came up with different combinations from traditional to contemporary and importantly we all had different opinions on what we liked. Even with only 20ish different elements the combinations were many and nobody got the end design correct. Interestingly enough despite having an open brief from the client it was the traditional design that won and whilst we all preferred some of the more modern designs we weren't the ones paying!

Rachel did prove her point that we are all designers to an extent but it takes someone special to make a living doing it. Rachel has been a Graphic Designer for many years and from the testimonials around the room for many more to come on that you can be content.

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