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This week was mostly about....

Date Posted: 03 Feb 2017

It was a full room this week at YBG. As well as the usual rowdy crowd we were joined by Rebecca an Economic Development Officer from the SSDC.

Ewemove Paul is settling into his chair position and now 2 minutes is now the new 1 minute.

Remous Graeme was confirmed as our new Vice Chair.

True Potential Dave was revealed as a fair weather networker

Ice Maiden Julie declared herself as a 'rampant' cake maker

Detective Tim joined as a full member.

& pretty much everyone in the room reported that business was good with plenty of referral work around the room contributing to this success.

Rebecca was given the floor and gave us rundown of all the positive help the council can give local businesses to support them with growth. These areas included

  • Marketing
  • Staff Training 
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work Placements
  • Funding signposting
  • Access to their approved supplier list
  • Preplanning & advice
  • Business Rates & revaluation
  • Environmental Health & Licensing
  • Plus a big plug for Yeovil Innovation Centre and the desk space share the Hive which is located within.

Rebecca was then in return given full and frank feedback on the groups thoughts on the local councils efforts to invigorate the town and lots to think about with constructive suggestions ringing in her ears as she fled for cover. Even with the awful traffic & tired areas of the town there is still a lot of love for Yeovil and a desire for it to succeed from all the independents who operate here.

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