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Soaring to new heights.

Date Posted: 12 May 2017

Last Nights YBG saw the friendly business networking group continue to grow with 3 New members making their first fully paid up visits. Value for money as ever with a plate full of banter and a side dish of chips. Our Chair was in the hot seat for the insite giving us an update on why Ewemove is more equal than others using air travel as an analogy for the current estate agency market. But before we had lift off on his high flying talk we had the usual round the table update highlights.

  • Bookkeeping Lee gave a health of the nation (or Yeovil anyway)  with retail declared as uurgh, services hmmm and tradesmen Yippee in terms of how they are fairing.
  • Ewemove Paul reported that with housing stock for sale at its lowest level since records began it was never more important to chose your estate agent with care.
  • UtilityWarehouse Karina reminded us that there service provided a simplified bill to have all your utility costs in once place to also save you time and make it easy to see how much you are saving.
  • Remus Graeme continues at full throttle with packaging and Wimbledon and would still like an apprentice so that he doesn't have to get up so early in the morning to get it all done.
  • Mend it Mike was reflecting on a job well done fitting mirrors for a customer as no job is to small or too weird.
  • SOS Wendy our freelance virtual PA has been meeting some prospective new clients who she can help organise so that they can use their time better to run their business.
  • Brown Ink Rachel has been busy invoicing and estimating and declared business at record levels. From business cards through to exhibitions stands she has designs on continuing success.
  • AP Adam said that business was nuts. I thought he fitted kitchens. So if you want somewhere to store those dry roasted he can help with projects from new work tops through to full kitchen extensions.
  • Sparky Matt has been busy helping a commercial business relocate so has been fitting out the electrical systems alongside all his normal domestic work.
  • Julie Cup Cakes has been getting her geek on with a quirky walking dead zombie themed cake. The one time we would hope that Julies cakes tastes better than it looks.

Paul from Ewemove then took the floor with a presentation declaring not all estate agents are equal. In this world of cheap as chips fixed price internet offerings,  old style tradition high street agents struggling to adapt and the hybrid new kids on the block it is vital all sellers know what they are getting.

In terms of a comparison to air travel there is nothing wrong with 'Easy Jet or Ryan Air' They may save you money and they will probably get you to your end destination (unless you chose United Airlines) but it will be a no frills experience and by the time you have added baggage fees, pre-booked seating, taxes and various other options the headline attractive price that caught your attention may be a distant memory.

You could fly with a safe well established name such as British Airways. You will pay for the name and you will pay for the big head office, myriad of secondary support staff as they continue to do things they way they have always done. For some there is nothing wrong with that and they continue to pay a premium for big brand names even though they know they could get better value.

Then there are the Virgin flyers who like to have the best of both worlds. Reliability underpinned by service with add ons that add value.

Paul and Ewemove are keen to take your home selling experience to the sky. Working for you with the back up of the latest technology to not only give you value but to maximise the return on what is probably your biggest asset. But don't take my word for how good they are. If you want to fly in a plane you need a good pilot. If you want a highly respected 5 star estate agency firm then check them out on Trust Pilot.

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