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Cool and Calm - Not Us!

Date Posted: 25 Jun 2017

So what happened at this weeks overheated YBG?

On the longest day of the year the faithful YBG crew met to discuss progress, refer business and share coping mechanisms for the hottest June days since records began. Whilst most of us in the room were hot under the collar Wendy Blades from Somerset Office Services was cool calm and collected in readiness for her insight.

Chair Paul had disappeared on holiday, Vice Chair Graeme had had gone to get value out of the £300 quid prom dress his daughter was wearing, so last minute stand in Rachel put the 'hot' into the hot seat. She likes a bit of 'Grope Admin' rather than the usual Group Admin but before that we went round the table as usual.

  • Bookkeeping Lee had been avoiding his hot tin roof office by going out sight seeing. He also managed to steal Handyman Mike's catchphrase of no job to weird this week with some potential x rated clients.
  • Feaynx Andrew had been out in force dealing with overheating IT for clients, often preferring to open the window rather than set up Windows.
  • Jamie Motley had been sporting his Mankini to keep cool in his office and prep for his own holidays. Now get that image out of your head!
  • Mend it Mike has been doing the night shift to avoid the heat whilst repairing a shed roof. He cares that much about his customer he will even get heat exhaustion for them.
  • Detective Tim has been creating a stink at Exeter Uni where it was not just his dummy corpses creating a whiff in the heat.
  • Ice Maiden Julie has been busy with Geo Cakes, Pikachu, rotating cakes, frozen cakes, photo cakes, lost boy cakes, cowboy cakes but no lady boy cakes!
  • Mustachio Matt raised eyebrows giving his phone a wipe-down. He has bravely been rewiring in lofts this week. That hot that even his naughty left side mustache wax has melted. 
  • APKitchens Adam has also been working late seeing customers at 8pm. Not to avoid the heat just to manage his success following the his recent trade shows.
  • Dave was all hot and sweary following an IT Meltdown. Whilst Feaynx could have put him write nothing could stop the colorful langue brightening his other CPD driven dull week.
  • Wendy Blades was on form having landed a new client needing social media help and marketing. No SOS from her this week.
  • Brown Ink Rachel had been keeping cool in the paddling pool and managed some logo work between dips.

So to the main event and Wendy Blades. Sharp as ever this cool cucumber of a lady took us through a potted history of her accomplished career. PA & Secretarial, to hospitality and Disaster management. She has worked for Accountants, Solicitors, Investment bankers, Insurers all at top levels. In a moving moment she described being in disaster management at ABN Amro during 9/11 as her colleagues came to terms with the horrendous terrorist attack.

A personal life that showed even more strength of character bought Wendy back to her Somerset routes to start her first venture on her own bringing her experience and skills to the local small business community. Her website gives more detail of the vast array of services she offers from Data Entry to CRM to Diary Management to name but a few. The crucial point that Wendy raises is that if you dont find time to focus on your business you wont have a business to focus on.

Using Wendy gives you time to breath, to find your focus and to move your business forward positively. When the heat is on Wendy's cool calm approach will see you through.

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