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Beer Gardens & Budgets as the sun shines on YBG

Date Posted: 30 May 2017

This week saw what will probably be England's entire share of summer turn up the heat on the Yeovil Business Group. On a cloudless day many of us business boys and girls had managed to catch some time to soak up the sun as we practiced work life balance. For those that hadn't managed it, much like school lessons on the sports field the opportunity of one to ones in the beer garden beckoned with a budget busting finale to finish with Financial Adviser Dave giving advice. But before that little escape the usual business update around the table had to happen.The Love in section known as thanks & referrals went on and on as there was just so much business being done.

  • Ewemove Paul was looking for landlords who were worried about the impact of the budget changes on tax relief on property  interest.  With no hidden fees what better way to let your house or even summer house.
  • Electrical Matt had the bragging rights having just passed the renewal of his STROMA accreditation.From full rewires to changing a light socket he can keep you fully charged.
  • Andrew from Feaynx had been sorting less blue skies, more blue screens as the post panic over the #wannacry virus rumbled on.
  • Brown Ink Rachel  has been redesigning logos for copy. If the weather continues she may redesign her own logo to Lightly Tanned Ink Rachel or Lobster Pink Rachel.
  • Bookkeeping Lee was happy that his mix of customers meant that 50% of his work is done on clients premises and 50% done in his office as he had skived off 100% that afternoon.
  • Mend it Mike had starred in his own version of confessions of a handyman this week, as his customer was under-dressed when he turned up to work as she had been let down by other tradesman she didn't actually expect him to turn up when he said he would.
  • True Potential Dave had his Lilly white legs out in his shorts. Lets hope he has them covered with insurance at least.
  • Ice Maiden Julie doesn't enjoy the summer (clue is in the name I suppose) She has been delivering her cakes for weddings and taking precautions to make sure that the Bride & Groom got to eat it before the local dog!
  • Detective Tim is bonkers busy with corporate events. You don't have to be a forensic scientist to know he's happy with that.
  • Remus Graeme is in full strawberries and cream mode with Wimbledon, Wimbledon and more Wimbledon on his print run.
  • Adam Porter Kitchen Solutions cant stand the heat in the kitchen so he got out and about to the Devon County Show and has work locally and nationally as a result.

We were eventually coaxed back in from the garden after our one to one conversations for the full on budget breakdown advice from David. This was doubly interesting as it had been planned a few weeks ago but had been pushed back. It proved that a week in politics was a very long time as many of the budget announcements had already been dropped, u turned on, watered down or forgotten about as  Mrs Mays snap general election trod all over it in her very nice shoes.

Without bringing politics to the table it was clear that the financial aspect of this budget and whatever budget comes post election there will always be change. In a constantly changing financial landscape you need to make sure you are getting good up to date advice. As Baz Luhrmann said " Accept certain inalienable truths. Prices will rise, politicians will philander, you too will get old. And when you do , you'll fantasize that when you were young prices were reasonable and politicians were noble". Baz also said "Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it".

Well we have known Dave Savage for much of his long and trusted career as a financial adviser and there is nobody who cares about the advice he give more. He might wear shorts & be rubbish at speaking Italian but hes a great Financial adviser and on these sunny days he would say 'trust me on the suncreen'.

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