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The Yeovil Business Group blog is a great way for members to showcase their skills and experience. Typically, each meeting's 10 minute presentation is written up and posted to the blog with the attribution to the presenter him or herself.

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YBG - Autumn Term Report

Firstly an apology. A blog is not just for Christmas its for life. Once you commit to keeping a blog you need to keep on blogging. As a busy business owner I find it tricky enough to find the time to blog for my own business let alone to help my favo ...

What does good look like?

I am pleased to say that having taken the big step to start my own business almost 5 years ago, things have gone well. I help people without the will, skill or time to do their books. However, I am not the same person as I was then and indeed my g ...

What the hell are my stats?

We all have websites that’s a given, but do we know how well they are performing? Many business owners get confused with the jargon used and don’t know their ‘bounce rate’ from their ‘hits’ and beyond. Here’s an article that helps ...

Bookkeeping Essential Tips

I am a bookkeeper and I provide bookkeeping to those who have neither the skill, will nor time to do their own books. As start-ups most businesses have at least the time and the will even if the skill is lacking and therefore quite rightly choose ...

So Why Me?

Why do my clients choose me, what makes me difference? Well when you look at my website or indeed any bookkeeping website what do you see? Sales Ledger (Customer records) Purchase Ledger(Supplier records) Nomina ...

Yeovil Business Group & Preston Academy Partnership Begins

After months of talking, the first of the activities that YBG agreed to help Preston School with started this week. Lee Chapman & Chris Legg joined groups of budding entrepreneurs from year 11 to watch their initial ideas take shape and to give f ...

5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed to be a Baker!

Over the years of professional cake makery I have accumulated some unusual tools which I would never have anticipated needing. Here are my top 5 ‘strange but essential’ baking tools: A Junior Hacksaw: No – it’s not for cutting through m ...

If I Started My Business Today, I Would Do It Very Differently

The Traditional Model Traditionally, starting a business has been a daunting affair requiring large investment of capital and time. Already having large liabilities can put a new business on a shaky footing right from the start. Online services, p ...

Saving the business world, one business at a time

After a successful career in business banking spanning over 20 years I became increasingly frustrated by the politics of a post credit crunch world. Having enjoyed working closely with small business from start-ups through to those with several milli ...

Welcoming visitors

At Yeovil Business Group we pride ourselves on making visitors and guests welcome. We always ask both members and visitors to let us know they're coming, as we need to get accurate numbers to the venue so the room is set up for the right number of pe ...

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