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YBG - Autumn Term Report

Date Posted: 06 Dec 2017

Firstly an apology. A blog is not just for Christmas its for life. Once you commit to keeping a blog you need to keep on blogging. As a busy business owner I find it tricky enough to find the time to blog for my own business let alone to help my favorite business networking group. So a change of format to a seasonal report of what has happened rather than the fortnightly monologue.

Maths  A -  YBG still provides good referrals and business both between its members and through wider contacts. At only £20 per month membership to cover room hire it still provides fantastic value for money. Highlights include the closer networking and business grown between Jamie from Motley & Andrew from Feaynx where both operate in similar fields and help each other win work.

English Oral B - There have been many opportunities for members to present their business to the room. Highlights have included Adam from AP Kitchens doing a show and tell of his before and after Kitchen conversions.

Geography C-  We currently still meet at the Preston Hotel every other Thursday evening from 5.45. The room can be a little cramped when we have a full house of members but at least Bookkeeping Lee does not have to walk far.

Home Economics D - We are still bemoaning the loss of the legendary chips that formed part of our provided buffet.  Sausage rolls, sandwiches and filled rolls are OK but OH for one of those chunky triple cooked chips.We try our hardest to compensate by getting our resident cake expert Julie from Ice Maiden Cakes to bring along fantastic samples.

Social Studies A - YBG continues to provide support to its members in terms of extended one to one sessions within the body of the meeting that enables members to get to know each other better. People buy from people so this is essential. Our Handyman Mike would be lost without us and his order book overflows as a result.

Attendance C - We could always use more visitors. We have had a good flow of regular visitors but more are always welcome. YBG does not insist that you attend every time (but it is appreciated if you do) nor do you have to send a substitute to represent you if your are busy with work and cant attend. This can lead to fluctuations in numbers but  even the smaller meetings add excellent value as sometimes it is easier to talk with smaller groups. One of the smaller meetings with eight members was itself a highlight.

Leadership Skills A minus. - Paul Gammage from Ewemove has concluded his year stint as Chair. Thank you Paul on guiding us through the last year. The only reason you got an a minus was for the meeting you missed and left us to new incoming Chair Graeme from Remus.

Dates for your diary.

YBG is on its CHristmas jolly & Christmas break during December but looks forward to resuming brilliant business as usual January 4th 2018. 


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