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So Why Me?

Date Posted: 29 Nov 2013

Why do my clients choose me, what makes me difference?

Well when you look at my website or indeed any bookkeeping website what do you see?

  • Sales Ledger (Customer records)
  • Purchase Ledger (Supplier records)
  • Nominal Ledger (General)
  • Management Accounts Reports - 
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • VAT returns
  • Accountancy liaison
  • Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Payroll Management

All totally valid services however nothing that differentiates me from the crowd.

What is there though is a reference to my experience and track record in working with the small business sector in my previous life as a senior business manager for NatWest Bank.

Cashflow Forecasts & Business Plans

Having had over 20 years’ experience at pulling apart cash flows and business plans as a business banker I know how to avoid the pitfalls and make a plan that works.

The bit that it doesn’t say but is often requested or implied is the ability to pick my brains at a practical level to help the business ‘Start Grow Thrive’ alongside the bread and butter bookkeeping.

My history is what makes me unique. It is therefore my unique selling point.

In the last week or so I have been reminded of this and maybe I should make more of a play of it.

The pupils I saw at Preston school were all focused on what made them different from the crowd when they were drawing up business plans for their projects.

A new accountant was keen for us to work together due to my usp as it was something he didn’t currently have in his network and could see potential value.

Another bookkeeper referred work to me as she felt with my skill set I would be best placed to help a new business start up grow.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m good but I don’t flatter myself to believe I am right for everyone. The other USP I have is me. I strongly believe that people buy people and I know you can’t win them all. In striving to distinguish yourself from the crowd you can create the marmite effect. But I see it as a choice. There are those who will see me because they love me and there may be those that won’t for the same reasons. But surely it’s better to stand out than be just another ‘me too’.

My USP is me and my history. It is something I should embrace more and I would encourage any business to focus on the little things that make them stand out.


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